Jack Cade & the Everyday Sinners

Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and a smidgen of the psychobilly or punk roots and you have Jack Cade.

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“Take about two cups of Johnny Cash add a dash or two of Tom Waits, and a smidgen of the psychobilly or punk roots that began moulding him years ago, and you have Jack Cade.”

Jack Cade has been performing a mix of his self-penned Americana and Folk songs for the last 10 years. He moved to Reading in the early 2000s which is where he found his voice… having played guitar in bands since a teenager.

Jack Cade

He now resides by the sea in Brighton where he recorded his first solo album and a third full band album with The Everyday Sinners. His songs are written about real life, the highs and the lows, and although they have a tendency to sound on the dark side they convey positive messages of redemption, salvation, love and hope. His voice is a rough and broken baritone, no angel on the ears, but powerfully emotive and memorable when heard live, which is where he excels.